Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus station 6163 with solar radiation and UV sensors free shipping USA! this weather station is a near scientific quality weather station and is manufactured to a quality standard known as "NIST" traceable. This Wireless weather station has a transmission range up to 1000'. Wireless repeaters are sold separately to increase range in 1, 000' increments. Fastest updating of data at 2.5 seconds! includes display, integrated solar powered sensor suite with auto-emptying rain bucket, outdoor Temp and humidity sensor, wind gauge, and mounting hardware. For remote mounting of Anemometer, a Wireless transmission Kit is available. (Sold separately. Wireless systems only.) to operate this unit on AC power, a 220V - 110V power transformer is required for operation in many countries outside of the USA and Canada. Indoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, tendency and graph, dew point and wind chill "streaming ticker" with current weather highlights! over 100 different messages! view current data or highs and lows for up to 24 different days, months, or years. Weather forecast icons: sun, partly cloudy, Clouds, rain, or snow. 8 Moon phases. Time and date including sunrise/sunset. Umbrella icon appears when it is currently raining. View daily rain, or rain for this storm, or season to date. Graph last 24 hours, days, or months of readings, or highs/lows. View over 80 graphs including additional analysis of temperature, rain, rain rate, wind, and barometric pressure. All without a computer! storm warnings and more: set over 70 alarms! Compass Rose with 16.

Product Features

  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: Professional wireless weather station with weather data updates every 2.5 seconds
  • WIDE RANGE OF SENSORS: Measure rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, UV and solar radiation
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Engineered to withstand scorching sun, corrosion, 200 mph winds, temperature extremes, and much more
  • 24-HOUR FAN-ASPIRATED RADIATION SHIELD: Combines passive shielding with a solar-powered fan that draws outside air in over the sensors
  • INCLUDES: Wireless integrated sensor suite, console with backlit LCD screen (mounting pole/tripod not included)