Product parameters:
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: 12V
Product volume: 15.3*15.3145CM
Product weight: 0.60KG shell
Material: ABS material
Laser head power: 3000MW
Engraving area: 8*8CM
Scope of application: plane engraving
Depth: 1MM (adjustable between 0-1)
Support System: WIN XP/7/8/10
Supported formats: JPEG/JPG/PNG/BMP

- Upgraded laser head upgrade version of the laser head, more power, more stable performance, more durable and more precise engraving
- Precision chip precision chip, stable and durable performance, low failure rate and precise engraving.
- Unrestricted engraving is not limited. Compared with the old laser engraving machine, it can only be engraved in a fixed range. The upgraded engraving machine can freely choose the engraving scene, and the engraving is more free.
- External control button Host panel operation buttons, according to their own needs, one button to start, pause, and operate more convenient

Product Features

  • ★The cooling fan has good heat dissipation performance, high efficiency work, no pressure during long time operation, and continuous stability.
  • ★Unlimited size micro-body, 8X8CM engraving area, not limited by engravings, wider range
  • ★Bluetooth function Bluetooth function to get rid of computer shackles, mobile phone direct operation, one-button offline without connecting to a computer, to achieve memory engraving can achieve pattern batch engraving
  • ★Protective lens common models require users to wear protective glasses to reduce the damage of the laser beam to the eyes, and this laser machine comes with protective lenses, easy to use.
  • ★The body is small and lightweight, and the whole body adopts ABS environmental protection material, with a total weight of only 0.60KG, which is light in weight, convenient to carry, does not occupy space, and has flexible operation.
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