Quick details:

Style: Radio Control Toys

Type: GPS control drone

Rated power: 50W

Material: Plastic ABS

Colors: White, Black

Folding size: 22 x 11 x 9.8cm

Remote control: 5 GHz

The farthest range: 5 km

Flight time: 25 minutes

Photo size: 2560×1440

Satellite Positioning Module: GPS / GLONASS

Delivery: 15-25 days after payment

Foldable rc drone

3-axis mechanical universal joint (pitch, roll, yaw.)

1080P HD camera, 720P image transmission;

Follow mode / point navigation / track navigation. (app)

Intelligent control: one button takeoff/landing, one button return

Safe flight: low power return (less than 20%) / uncontrollable return.

Longest flight time: 25 minutes

Package Contents:
1. Single drone × 1 set

2.3 aixs universal joint camera (including fixed bracket) × 1 set

3.drone battery module × 1 set

4.Balance charger (including cable) × 1se,

5. Propeller accessories (a set of positive paddles, a set of inverted paddles) × 1 set

6.specification × 1 set

7.QuickStart×1 set

8.Disclaimer × 1 set

Video resolution: FHD: 1920×1080 30FPS

Product Features

  • Features: 1. Built-in GPS locator, real-time image transmission, it can easily set the height, realize the function of brushless motor following my function, the powerful power of the quadcopter, parallel flight 35KM / hour, maximum flight altitude 6000m, maximum flight time 25 Minutes (in the wind and sunny weather)
  • 2. One of the keys to returning functionality is that it's easy to find a way home. Equipped with a professional (4K) 1920P*1080P 180° wide-angle HD camera with 2 megapixel camera and 5.8GHz wireless surveillance. Maximum rising speed 2m / sec, maximum falling speed 1.5m / sec
  • 3. Hovering flight and target following: Height control and fixed points around to help you achieve a comprehensive moment in the automatic environment.
  • 4. Two-way transmission controller. The left (mode 1) / right (mode 2) manual throttle can be switched very easily. Built-in 6-axis gyroscope, stable and easy to control.
  • 5..5GHz remote control technology increases the drone control distance to 1200 meters. 5.8G FPV real-time transmission distance is 1000 meters
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